Fibre filters & Granulators

Our complete granulators have been developed for grinding low concentrations of a series of fibre materials, in order to make the best possible use of the fibre's properties. They are characterised by low energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements.

We have a full range of spare parts available with short delivery times. There are currently almost 100 granulators in use at many Swedish and Nordic paper mills.
The fibre filters we have developed for the paper and pulp industry are intended for filtering liquids with relatively low dry substance contents. Typical areas of application include the cleaning of cooking liquor, the filtration of condensate and the filtration of press water.
Our filters are now in use all over the world, and we also have a complete range of spare parts available for these. Our filters cover dimensions ranging from Ø1000x500 mm up to Ø1500x6000 mm and with capacities ranging from 700 l/min to 17,000 l/min.

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